Thursday, June 24, 2010

Idle hands no more

Feeling sluggish this week, I decided to get my knitting out and try to remember how to do it. With a little help from my friends, I am now on a knitting rampage. I figure I can make the kid all sorts of stuff before it comes out! Tuesday, I practiced. Yesterday, I made a pair of booties. My first time ever following a knitting pattern. Here is the first one I completed, and in excitement, took a picture of:

The second one is smaller. So, they don't match. As Patrick said, "I hope these never fit the kid," because, obviously, if they did, he/she would have very mismatched feet.

Tonight, I went to Michael's to find a pattern or two to start work on. Well, I was very disappointed, because there were literally five times more pattern books for crocheting than for knitting. There was ONE baby afghan book for knitting. There were five for crocheting. There were ZERO layette books for knitting. There were three for crocheting. And like, six or seven assorted baby projects for crochet. But, that's just one store. So, I'm putting off those projects, even though I intend to make both of them before baby comes. I just think it'll be pretty cool to bring the baby home from the hospital in something I made.

Anyway, I didn't leave Michael's empty-handed. But I'm working on the first project now, and I will post a picture of it when I'm done. I'm pretty excited about it :-).


Molly said...

You should join are TONS of free patterns! And you are welcome to borrow any of my bazillions of books.

EWH said...

I have already joined ravelry! Another friend recommended it. Perhaps I can raid your bookshelf next time I'm over :-). I like books better than online, because I can just hold it in my lap while I knit.