Thursday, October 14, 2010

My friend writes

I, clearly, do not. Since I promised to blog more this summer, but then didn't, it is obvious my dream of being a published author someday will merely remain a dream. Not so for my dear friend Molly. I've known she was being published for reals (she's been published in journals and online, but those obscurities [sorry, babe] don't seem as real to a non-author) for about a month, but today she sent me this link, which, despite its big-business capitalism, makes Molly's book REAL to me. Real, real. See for yourself:

In case you don't know Molly well enough, her professional website is here. Her blog is here. She writes beautiful poetry, takes marvelous pictures, and is due with her first baby girl two days before I'm due with my baby girl.

So proud of you, Molly!


Molly said...

Ha ha, the makes it real to you, eh? It's freaking weird to me too. It will be weird to have the prize award announced in Poets & Writers Magazine too. I so need to update that website. Oy. xo

EWH said...

Of course that's what makes it real for me! Do you think I read Poets and Writers Magazine??? Come on. :-)