Monday, February 16, 2009


Even though it's more than five, I want to send all the commenters something! You need to send the joy forward in some way, even if it's not with a blog challenge post like mine (Dave doesn't blog any more, Kris doesn't have a blog, etc.) I trust you!

1. Chris (who should be, since she started it!)
2. Dave
3. Kristin
4. Jen
5. Heather
6. Les

All people I'm happy to send joy to. Watch your mailboxes this week! (Chris, send me your address...)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blog challenge (and a plug)

I've been challenged by Chris. Who was challenged by Michelle, who saw it on a blog who saw it on another blog. (you can follow the trail, or hurry up and read below)...

The deal is, the first 5 people who comment will receive something in the mail that I've made.

The stickler, is that if you comment, you have to do the same on your blog. Cool?

"Snail mail" is a lost art, I believe, and I love to send and receive real mail (I got a surprise package from my sister last week, and it made my week!). Molly (dearest of dears, who has a poetry at the Roseville Barnes & Noble this Thursday night at 7:30; be there or be square) sends things via real mail all the time. Notes, cards, trinkets. When I get something in the mail from Molly (because it really happens so frequently), my husband says, "You got a Molly in the mail today." And (though she thinks I should recycle) I keep every piece of mail she sends me because she will soon be a famous writer, and her letters will be worth something. Rejoice in sharing the love of fun things in the mail.