Friday, November 26, 2010

Why I Don't Shop on Black Friday

Because I don't have to. Is that good enough? Okay, no, there's more, I think. And I'm compelled to explore it further.

Tell me you like my sweater, and it's likely I'll respond with something similar to, "Thanks, it was only $20!" or "Thanks, I got it at the consignment store!" I am a proud bargain-hunter and deal-finder. I hate paying retail. I take advantage of sales on darn-near every other day of the year. I am a coupon-user, an impulse-sale-buyer, and a craigslist-customer.

My new couch was 25% off. My rocker for the babe's room was 20% off. I absolutely love that I get 5% off all of my Target purchases now with my Target Card.

You get that I love deals, right? Then why would someone who is SO against paying retail, so eager to look at used goods, and so enthusiastic about a new set of coupons in the mail absolutely REFUSE to shop on this sacred shopping day?

Because I don't have to. Maybe there's not more. But even as someone who is not phobic about crowds or people, I just can't imagine the deal that would be worth the lack of sleep, the cold, the parking, and the fools (not that all people who shop this day ARE fools, but gather any large group of people and you will encounter many fools). I don't want to deal with the fools. I don't need anything that cheap that badly.

But someday I might. That's the thing. Right now, I am a blessed woman who revels in deals because it's fun. If my couch was not 25% off, I still would've bought it. It just makes me happier that it was on sale. But I have been a person who revels in deals because they're necessary. Right now, I do not want for food, for clothes, for medicine, for money to pay the bills. But I have been there. I hope I will never be there again, but nothing is impossible.

If I am there again, I might definitely consider waiting in line at midnight to buy my daughter a Christmas gift I would not otherwise be able to afford. THAT I get. THAT I appreciate. But right now, I just don't see the point. For me. For you, dear friend, it might be the highlight of your Thanksgiving weekend. And that's fine with me, whether you really need the bargain or you just enjoy the bargain. To each her own. Just don't be one of the fools.