Monday, July 27, 2009

Disappointed and then all better

On this, the day after my birthday, I went to a matinee of Disney's Earth. I went thinking it would show me the many wonders of this planet, including cute animals, beautiful scenery, and things I'd never seen or maybe even heard of before. I was right. But it was also very sad and depressing. I counted no fewer than 15 deaths in this movie, and 5 of them were rather violent. That's about as many as in The Departed! Two parents took their small children out of the theater. I was not uplifted (though the shots were impressive), I was pissed. I wanted a good movie to bring my spirits at least to regular height today, and my spirit was crushed back down instead. Stupid Disney. The best part was during the credits when they were showing how they managed to get some of those aforementioned amazing shots. Pretty cool.

BUT, when I got home, there were FLOWERS waiting on my porch! My favorite 3 1/2 month old friend sent me birthday chrysanthemums (he's very smart). Purple ones! My favorite! He may or may not have had help from his mother in dialing the florist. Hard to say. Either way, it made me so happy I cried. I love my friends :-).

Happy Day After My Birthday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


2009 has really been a weak blogging year. Only 15 posts in more than half the year. Have I become less motivated or less interesting? Hard to say.

As always, the summer is sweeping past incredibly quickly. Today marks two months until back to school. This is the longest summer break I've ever had (thank you Labor Day), but still. I love all the things I've been able to do in the past month, but it's somewhat disconcerting when I find myself wasting a day doing nearly nothing. Like today. I took my niece to the airport early this morning, and fully intended to just stay up. And I did. For about an hour. Then I fell back asleep and stayed asleep until 11:30. Now I'm blogging and watching tv in my underwear. And I LOVE it!!! The part of me that knows I have things I could/should be doing, including working out, doing dishes, sewing my bench seats, really thinks I'm being lazy and ridiculous. But the part of me that wants to enjoy my free time however I darn well want is pleased as punch :-).