Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New things

So, it's been 6 months, and many will never read this because they gave up on me entirely, but I will start to post on here again. Mostly because it's summer and I not only have more free time, but more interesting things about which to write.

I've never been good at any sort of diary or journal regularity. I write when inspiration hits. I've been meaning to start keeping track of the important dates in my pregnancy, and what better place than here. So here are some tidbits:
February- I stop taking the pill and calculate that if I AM ovulating, I will be doing so on our Mexican vacation. The official trying to have a baby begins.
March 9- Period comes. Not surprised...who gets pregnant after one month of trying after being on the pill for 11 years?
April 5- Just home from visiting Jen in Texas, and yup, my period comes. Again, only two months. No big deal.
April 26- I think I'm pregnant. I'm so sure, for some reason, that I lose all sense of patience and stop at Walgreens on my way home from work to buy a pregnancy test. I take one immediately when I get home. I had read online that even if your expected period is 10 days away, there's like a 40% chance there'll be enough hcg (the pregnancy hormone) in your system to detect it. This is deviant behavior, my taking this test, because I had promised Patrick we'd find out together. Believe it or not, at age 28, this is my very first pregnancy test (I'm very careful). Well, the fates must've agreed this behavior was deviant, because the test is negative. I admit my moment of weakness over dinner, and assure Pat that it doesn't mean we're not pregnant. In fact, despite the test, I still think I am. I don't know exactly why. But I contemplate taking the other test every day that week. Wise husband convinces me to be patient. I convince myself to wait until the next Monday, when my period is supposed to come.
May 1- Saturday. I really, really want to take the test. Patrick says go ahead. But, we're going to have dinner with his family, and I decide that if it's negative, I'll be down, and won't have as much fun. So, I decide not to take it. But still believing I'm pregnant, I don't drink. My sister-in-law notices this immediately and begins the "You're pregnant, aren't you?" conversation with the whole room. Despite our trying to change the subject, they keep teasing. In my head I'm thinking, "YES! I hope so, so shut up and stop jinxing it!" To little avail.
May 2- Sunday morning. No plans. Just got up and sitting in the living room. I stand up, "I'm gonna take the test. Okay?" He says, "That's up to you." So, I take it. I wait. I go back into the bathroom. And there it is. VERY faint, but that second line is there. Because of my previously stated research, I know that a false positive is next to impossible, and that any line, no matter how faint, means you're pregnant. So, I slowly walk back into the living room, my hands covering my mouth, and tell Pat. "It's positive! We're pregnant!" He gets up from his chair and we hug and hug. I drag him in there to look at it. We are thrilled. We go out to breakfast at The Egg and I to celebrate.
May 3- All day at work I am crampy and worried I'm getting my period. I go to the bathroom like 4 times. This time anxiety, not impatience, gets me to stop and buy more pregnancy tests. This time, I get the digital one. I again take it immediately. Within a minute, it says, "Pregnant." Hurrah. Then I start reading stuff to find out if my cramps are normal. Of course they are. With the initial fear of being wrong behind me, I decide I can't possibly keep this to myself, so I call my sister. She was about 10 times more excited than Pat and I put together. It was the most fun I had telling anyone. I wish it could've been in person.
May 9- Mother's Day. I get breakfast in bed and flowers from my husband, and two cards in the mail, one from Jen B. and one from Les. Many more cards and gifts come from friends in the next few weeks. I am thrilled with each one. We had waited to tell my mom, so we could tell her on Mother's Day. I got her the usual hanging plant, but with a "grandma" mother's day card. We're taking her out to brunch, so we were just picking her up, but I insist on coming in quick to pee, and then make her open her card before we go. Pat and I stand in anticipation and she puts her reading glasses on, opens the envelope, and just stares at it. I'm thinking, "Can't she read?" She slowly turns to me and says, "You're not messing with me, are you?" Classic. "No," I whine. So, she screams and starts jumping up and down. Yay.
May 10- Now that Mom knows, the news goes virtual, as I post it on facebook. It is super fun in the following days and weeks to be congratulated and asked about it.
May 20- First appointment, but it is only with nurses. They give me all the info I need to get started. Most importantly, I am told to stop taking my Prilosec for my acid reflux. I now have heartburn almost 24/7.
June 2- First appointment with doctor. She examines me and says everything is great. She tells us not to be disappointed or worried if she can't find a heartbeat, because at only 8 weeks, it's unlikely. But she finds it almost immediately. And it's strong. And amazing. I can still hear it in my head. Of course, I can also hear it for "real" if I want, because Patrick does an uncanny impersonation of it. Sounds weird, but he can replicate the sound almost perfectly. The doctor finds this odd, though, and suspects I may be further along than 8 weeks. So, to my delight, she orders me an early ultrasound. We are unable to schedule it to the following week, however.
June 11- Ultrasound! At 9 1/2 weeks, I didn't even need to do the vaginal ultrasound (use your imagination), so it was very easy and quick. She said all was well, I was right where I was supposed to be, and everything was peachy. Due date: January 10. It was amazing to see the baby on screen. He/she moved his/her little arms and legs all around. I didn't expect it to be moving like that. It was so cool. Proof that there is a life inside of me. This time, we had dinner to celebrate, and we went to Brasa.

Now, I am at ten weeks, and one day. So far, so good. Time to pack for my trip to Arkansas.


Molly said...

You missed a very crucial detail, missy. :) Where am *I* in this post?!

EWH said...

Noted. My bad :-).

Addition: May 5- Met Molly for dinner and found out SHE is pregnant, TOO!!! She is due 4 days before me. I officially have a pregnant buddy :-).

Les said...

Yay! I was surprised to see this pop up on my google reader this morning. I was hoping you would start up this blog again eventually.

I really was a spaz that night, huh? It makes me laugh picturing myself walking around and around the pool as we talked. I bet I did a hundred laps! I couldn't sit still!

By the time you read this...you will be here!

Bonni said...

Yay! I'm glad you're blogging again too. And I'm so excited for you guys. You'll be really great parents!!

And how awesome to have a pregnant buddy with such a close due date!

Travas and Heather said...

Love this....glad I randomly checked your blog.