Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adventures in Cooking

(Read about this yummy summer salad I made using my CSA ingredients at this blog.)

I have always enjoyed cooking and trying new recipes, and I am blessed with a husband who will try anything once (and twice sometimes, but he doesn't know it). This year, two new things regarding cooking are a part of my daily life.

1) We joined a CSA (that's community supported agriculture, for you novices). This means we get a box of produce from a local farm every week for 20 weeks for about $200. The excitement is you never know what'll come in your box. It forces you to experiment with new recipes and generally eat healthier. We've gotten two boxes so far, and have enjoyed kohlrabi, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, turnips, herbs, cabbage, and a few others I've forgotten at this time. Read all about it (if you care) on this blog, which I share with my other dear friends who are also enjoying shares from the same farm.

2) I now have a kitchen garden, as they say. I am a rookie gardener who is amazed at the growth in my plants in the first month. From 3 inches, to almost 3 feet for those tomatoes. In a MONTH! Crazy. I haven't had the opportunity to use anything from my garden but the lettuce so far, but there's all sorts of stuff that'll be gracing my plate come July and August. You can follow my gardening progress on this blog, which is just me :-).

Please enjoy my adventures in cooking and [other] blogging.

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