Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will we ever learn?

It was snowing during rush hour again today, for about the fourth time this year so far (we are getting SO much snow). But the traffic and the accidents and the idiocy seem to get worse and worse. When will MN drivers learn that the best way to make it through is to be patient, drive smart, and remember there is ice and snow under-tire? It took me 30 minutes to get from work to the clinic (urgent care...sick...needed drugs...about 10 miles), 25 minutes to get from clinic to doggy daycare (about 5 miles), and one whole hour to get from the daycare home (about 18 miles). Two hours of driving. SLOWLY. And half of it with dogs. Car after car in the ditch, many reports of accidents, and every road in every direction completely backed up. No, you can't slam on the brakes in ice and snow and expect to stop instead of slide and veer. Yes, you do need to keep your eyes on the car in front of you. No, you shouldn't talk on your cell and change the radio stations. No, you shouldn't expect to be home at the same hour. Yes, you should go the f#@* home and stay there, you crazy weather drivers!!!!!


Travas & Heather said...

I blame the non-snowy places born people. Everyone moves to MN because it is a great place to live...but they do not know how to drive.

I also blame driver's ed. I was forced (by a guy I dated) to purposely skid and get myself out without crashing (thanks to St. Peter's Wiskey River's parking lot).

Angie said...

I went through driver's ed in the summer. Obviously no opportunity to play in the snow.

I'll say it again and again, I love my MINI in the snow! It handles beautifully (as long as the snow isn't over the front bumper!!!). But that doesn't factor in all of the other idiots.

Les said...

You think MN drivers suck, yeah, so did I. Try living in Arkansas! Once a year we get some ice (earlier this week)and they freak. There were 351 accidents in the Little Rock area on Tuesday-which is pretty bad considering that all schools and most businesses were closed. Hello. If you can't go to work, you probably shouldn't go to the damn mall either.