Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh, yeah!

I have happy news! Happy, happy, happy news! I received this happy news weeks ago (October 23rd, to be exact), and immediately wanted to spread the joy, but was told not to. I asked, "May I blog about this merriment?" but there were people who had not been told in person yet, and you know how the internet community can be. I bet you want to know the news. Actually, I've talked to most of you readers in person since then, so probably you all know, but to announce and rejoice formally:


My dear, wonderful, amazing friend Kristin and her (nearly) equally super husband Dan expect a new family member in May. Ordinarily, you might think, "a woman who's been married for four years in her; that makes sense." But with Kristin it's so much better than just making sense. It's perfect. I can think of few people as well-equipped to be mothers as Krissy (she hates that). I have known her since we were 3, and I've never met anyone as kind, honest, even-tempered, selfless, or forgiving as Kristin. She will be a fabulous mother. Many, many wishes of congratulations for my friend and her family.

I remembered I hadn't blogged this happiness when I was puttering around on the internet after dinner tonight and looked over at our first Christmas card next to me; it's from Kristin and Dan, of course! And it is the most clever little hand-made card. I shall try and explain it, but without images, it may be lost on you (if I were Molly, I would just take a picture of it and post it here for you to enjoy; I am not Molly): on the front, there is a ball of snow and it says "one" and then that ball with another ball on top of it, "two..." and then you open the card and there's the whole three-balled snowman and it reads, "and baby makes three!" Cute, right? See? Good mom and good cardmaker. No wonder I love her :-).

Also, coincidentally, I was shopping with girlfriends today (and baking Christmas cookies...yum!) and I bought the baby's Christmas gift. Yes, you can buy gifts for babies who are still in the womb. Yes, you CAN! It was one of those moments, where you just see something, not even looking, and think, "Oh. So wonderful. If only I had a baby to get it for..." Well, now I do! Okay, I don't have a baby. But one will be only a 30-minute drive away in a mere 5 months.

Love to Kristin and Dan and Baby.

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Jen said...

YEA!!! I 'm super excited for them! That is super fun and I'm glad that you are close by to be a part of their lives!