Sunday, September 9, 2007

We're expecting!

Husband and I have decided we're ready to welcome a little one into our home. We know it isn't the best time, it will be expensive, and many adjustments will have to be made, but you can't always plan these things. So, after much deliberation, we've decided to adopt...a german shepherd.

An email from my sister:

"Last Sunday we were mini golfing and a couple of puppies ran across the course. They were trying to get water from the ponds on the course. We coaxed them over. They were shy at first, but they came to us. They were both tired, thirsty, and thin, one so thin she seemed weak. Both had a few wounds. Well, the course is right on a major highway. We weren't even half done with the game, but I knew I wouldnt be able to let them go and watch them run out onto the HW and get killed! They were really sweet. So, in typical Les fashion, we loaded up the jeep and headed to the humane society. They were closed. Labor day weekend...everywhere was closed. Sucker that I am, they ended up at our place and have been living in the backyard ever since.

The no-kill shelters are overly full and are not taking dogs. The LR animal control shelter is a very high-kill shelter because they always have to have room for animals they pick up. They say some dogs have only 2 days. Still being really sad about losing Josie, we decided we can't let anything bad happen to these puppies.

I have checked every lost and found and placed an add. However, the condition that these girls were in, and the area of town (out in the sticks, ghetto seepage type) leads me to believe that no one is looking for them. For the first couple days, one especially expected to be hit every time we told her "no", more so by Jonathon than me. We suspect they may have been dropped off. How sad is that?

They are the sweetest dogs, and well behaved (for puppies). Both girls. One is a purebred German Shepherd. She is in that awkward ears, feet and nose are too big for her body stage, but will be a big, beautiful dog. She is really smart. I already tought her to sit and shake! The other is a true mutt! Mostly white, with some brindle patches. We think maybe some pointer or sight-hound mixed with boxer?? She'll be medium sized, probably not more than 40-50lbs. Super cute dog. Not as smart... She reminds us of Asia. She has many of the same expressions, and does the boxer "boxing". They are best buds, and I hate to see them be separated after all they've been through together but who will want to take 2 big puppies, and such different breeds. I'm sure any shelter would have to seperate them to have the best chance of finding homes.

I worry more about the shepherd. It takes a knowledgable person to properly raise and own a shepherd. They are so very smart and sensitive and need more stimulation than just a backyard to play in or they can become neurotic. They are unbelievably loyal to their family, but can be very weary of strangers if they arent properly socialized.

The other is just a friendly, layed back mutt that doesnt seem to care about anything. She's naughty and not very intelligent, but as cute and sweet as can be (J calls her Asia Jr.).

They are fun, but 3 dogs is a handful. We are in search of homes for them, especially the shepherd, spread the word...."

So, we're driving to Kansas City (halfway) to pick her up next weekend. Les said she'd keep the white one if we took the shepherd. We've always wanted to get a second dog. We were going to wait until we were "ready" (until the basment is done, until the yard is in better shape, possibly until we have a bigger house), but like I said before, you can't plan everything and she needs us. We're worried about how Jersey will feel about having a sister, as he is a very spoiled dog, but I think he'll be happy to have someone to play with. We figure if other people with houses in the city can handle two big dogs, why can't we? Wish us luck :-).


Jen said...

Wow Em, That's so exciting! You and Pat will be great parents to yet another pet. I can't wait to meet her!

Molly said...

It was only a matter of time before Pat finally gave in...