Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It was 34 when I walked into school this morning. Only 45 when I left my house, but apparently (according to MPR) that's due to "metro island" heating. The sun from the previous day is absorbed into the metal, concrete, and other surfaces around the city and then released back into the night air, making it an entire 11 degrees cooler 25 miles from the city. There was frost on the football field even. Apparently, thirties and even twenties were the norm around the state. And it's still technically summer.

Fall is a time of sweatshirts, changing colors, school's return, both A/C and heat in the car, football, the season premieres of all my favorite shows, pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, new fashions in all the stores (I hate skinny jeans...when will they leave us forever?), leaves blowing in the wind, and the anticipation of the fast-approaching holidays. Time flies, and it usually takes the warm weather with it.

Four days until the new puppy comes. Here's another picture; that's her partner in crime next to her, whom hopefully Les will decide to keep.

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Molly said...

Metro island = I am writing a poem about this. Lovely.