Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Okay. I finally did it. After literally years of being told how wonderful this book is (it was published in 2005), I have read Twilight. And honestly, it wasn't as good as everyone claims...it's better. (Totally trite, right? :-)) I am amazed at how much I was sucked in to this story line. I am eager to get started on the second book, but I've been told it's the worst of the four. I shall muster through in order to get to books three and four, which apparently live up to the standards of the first book.

Here's the thing: although, the suspense and intrigue kept my attention well, as did Meyer's easy prose (easy, because it's a young adult book, but also because you are swept up into every situation), I was most absorbed by her perfect portrayal of not just first love or teen love, but of real, sacrificing love. Forget the vampires, people, this is a love story above all else, and a really, really good one. Very Romeo and Juliet-esque with its "no, we simply can't be together" thesis (I'm not revealing anything that's not on the book jacket, by the way, as I know you'll all go out tomorrow and pick up a copy at Target for $8.79 as I did), and that is unoriginal, I admit. But the ferocity with which Meyer writes is flawless. As I read, I could 100% feel the energies of falling and then being in true love. The anxiety she feels, I felt. I had literal tension and butterflies in my stomach. I blushed along with Bella when Edward entered a room. It was intense, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Further, the renewal of those initial passions, the first meeting, the first real conversation, the first kiss, the long hours of chatter learning about each other, reminded me so completely of the experience of falling in love with my husband, that it was reassuring that this is normal. This marriage, this love. This feeling of complete abandon toward another person. It's not uncommon; it's the norm for people who truly would sacrifice anything for their love. And that's a good thing. Not because I want to be "normal" or I thought my feelings were "weird" but because it feels so damn good, I wish every day that every other person I know is as happy in their relationship as I am in mine.

This has drifted from book review to love letter, but I really enjoyed the book that much. I'm not a literary snob by any means, though. I judge a book based on its ability to make me feel something. Whatever the emotion they want me to feel, the stronger it is within me, the more I like the book. Twilight made me feel great :-).

By this weekend, a follow-up on book two, no doubt. (I bought Twilight just yesterday...)


Travas & Heather said...

I will put it on my "wish list" with the Library! I love recommendations from friends.

Jen said...

I am SO glad that you read it! I knew you would love it! I just reread Twlight last week. I forgot how much it made me want to feel those feeling you were talking about. It makes me want to fall in love with a vampire (or just someone as amazing as Edward!)

Bonnie said...

You've convinced me to go out and buy this book! I've been hearing lots of good things about it lately, and now I'm very excited to read it. Maybe it'll be a rainy weekend which would be perfect reading weather...

AK said...

So - I'm officially obsessed with these books. Consumed the first two in just a couple of days. Eagerly awaiting the third from a friend. I don't think I've ever read something so fast.

Molly said...

OK, before I say this, I must admit: I finished the book in less than twenty four hours, with sleep and eating in between. BUT, I also feel compelled to say I was only a little disappointed. Just a little. Because HP is so wonderful, and I was holding it up to that young adult standard, and I got a little restless when we'd hear about those "topaz" eyes again. I think the book could have been edited down by half and been a lot stronger.

I have to poo poo it. It's in my nature.

But I'm starting the second one this afternoon.


PS: Kelly lent them all, plus Meyer's other book to me.