Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The suits are here

Okay, so I know the content of my blog has been lacking in substance lately, save my occasional political rants. Give me one more month and I'll move on (hopefully). Political ranting continues:

There are secret service patrolling my work place. Scary looking men in suits and earpieces. Inspectors. Inspecting the next site of the next republican campaign stop. That's right: McCain is coming. Here. Alone, thank God, or I might bust. (I have more issue with Little Miss I Can See Russia From My House than with McHero.) Here are some random thoughts on this occurrence, both good and bad:
1. I'm pissed I can't go. At first I was on the fence about going, but as soon as I found out I couldn't, I want nothing more than to be there. Because they are renting the space, we have no claim over this public building in which we work. In fact, even if you're on their side, you need to volunteer to get tickets. Not that I would heckle or anything, but it would be an experience either way. "I saw McCain speak," I could say one day. And my grandkids would say, "Who's that?" and I would reply, "He's the man that lost the election to President Obama in 2008." "Ohhhhhhh," they would say knowingly. Instead, I'm going to stay in the building as close to 4:00 (school gets out at 2:37, my work day technically ends at 3) as they'll let me. Perhaps I can catch a glimpse, of the hero himself, of the swarms of people, of the media, of something worth telling my grandkids. I am becoming a story collector. Maybe I'll try to get in and have SS stop me, "Excuse me, miss (too young still to be ma'am in my opinion). Do you have a ticket?" I'll stand defiant, "NO! But I'm a tax-paying citizen and employee of this building and I want to be a part of the process. Let me in!" I will try to step past him and we will fight. Perhaps I shall be tasered.

2. I'm excited for my school to get some more publicity. Despite my many concerns with the district and the community at large, I love my students and am lucky to work here. In complete contradiction...

3. I am extremely discontent with this school being used as the backdrop for this campaign. THIS school is everything that's right with education. I'm not tooting my horn here, but this school was not chosen by accident. We are a rapidly growing community with a brand new high school. It's gorgeous. We want for nothing here, despite our budgetary concerns. We are not Title I, so NCLB means very little to us. And though we haven't met AYP in the past 3 years, it is a matter of 25 special ed students that keep us below the bar. We have the highest ACT average in the state, and MN has the highest average in the nation. Use the gymnasium at a metro high school, where they want for everything. Show the peeling paint and broken bleachers. Explain why that district closed and boarded up schools this year. Using this beautiful, bountiful school as an example of an American school is, excuse me, a complete crock of shit.

4. My students say the darnedest things:
"Is he the black one?"
"Why is he coming here? Did we win a contest or something?"
"Why can't I go?"
"Secret service agents are hot."

5. Ironic: this week the AP Government class is sponsoring a voter registration table at lunch for students 18+. At this age, the students rallying for their rights, are more likely than not rallying for the other side. But this community is overwhelmingly Republican, so I'm sure that's why it was chosen.

6. Blast. Is it November 4th yet?????


Travas & Heather said...

Yes, why didn't they choose Washburn ie?

Molly said...

It doesn't surprise me that they'll show up at LSHS. They'll get support from those dopey community members who vote against school funding. They should come to RWHS. See what they think of it there. Le sigh. What a farce.

Angie said...

Are you going to see the debate at the theater?