Friday, September 5, 2008

Only in 2008

I am truly amazed by the sudden and remarkable onslaught of a viral email that turns out to be REAL.

Only in an election in 2008 would we be privy to the instant (and rather private) information in this email. I opposed Sarah Palin's VP nomination from the moment it was released last Friday (ask my best friend, my husband, or my mother, the three people I ranted to within 15 minutes of the announcement), but having read this declaration (for no matter what this woman claims, I think she wanted people to see this or she wouldn't have been so thorough), I dislike her (and McCain for choosing her) even more.

God help us all if the Dems lose this election. 62 days to go.


Molly said...

Also: Don't forget to vote, September 9th!

I don't know much about Sarah Palin. Perhaps you should post your thoughts? :)

Jen said...

At the office the other day I had to watch Sarah Palin and Joe Biden's speeches from the conventions. During Palin's I found myself getting irritated over and over again meanwhile Biden brought me to tears. Many things are confirming to me that Obama is the right choice

Travas & Heather said...

This was in the Star Trib today:

who doesn't love GLORIA STEINEM

Angie said...

you need to post more during the schoo year so I'm tagging you for the Omnivore's 100.