Monday, July 7, 2008

Go, go, go, go, go, go, and go.

This is not my New York post. One might still expect a New York Post. Maybe even today. Indeed I have many things to say about New York; it was a great trip. But my head is a spinning, throbbing whirlwind of thought and experience now. Order is lost. I am sitting on my couch in my house alone with nothing to do for the first time in many, many days. And I'm not even supposed to be alone with nothing to do. But alas, I am. Okay, there are things I could do: unpack, do laundry, blog about New York, take the dogs to the park, finish my book club book (probably next on my list after this), take some ibuprofen for this headache, plan my meals, go grocery shopping, clean the bathroom (isn't there always something to clean?), figure out how to get my sewing machine working again so I can finish the dog beds I've been working on for two months, weed my haphazard garden, rake the backyard of walnuts and twigs; so, so much I could do. Frankly, I don't feel like doing any of it.

We left for New York on June 19th. We have not been alone since. When we returned from the East, family had already flown in for the big reunion extravaganza. Plans with them every day leading up to said extravaganza. To the homestead for partying and pictures and tree planting and hayriding and all the other things that make an extravaganza an extravaganza. Home on our one-year wedding anniversary, but not alone. Family needing a place to stay lives on our floor until we left last Thursday to camp for the holiday. Last night, on our way home from camping, to my hometown to see my mom and pick up my sister and her husband. Houseguests once again before they fly back South, their migrations quite shorter than birds. But finally MY houseguests. We have played hosts to my husband's family more times than I can count, but finally someone of my blood needing, nay wanting, to use our guest room. My sister and I were going to spend time together for the only time this year. I visited her in March, and that will likely be the next time I see her as well. They are not coming home for Christmas. This was their one trip. They are not in my guest room.

A miscommunication results in them not coming home with us. Hopefully, I will still see her today. Then, it is only one more week until we leave again, this time for a family reunion in South Dakota. The weekend of my birthday free, then all of August is booked. Literally. 1-3: camping; 3-8: work training; 12: book club; 14-17: BWCA; 22-24: fishing weekend with some girls; 25: back to work. WHERE DID MY SUMMER GO? Where are my lazy days doing nothing? Here, today, in my lap, unwanted and with headache.

Next year, if you ask me, "So, what are you doing this summer?" and I reply anything but, "Oh, not much" please slap me.


Dave said...

I'll just slap you right now, because you know that'll never be your answer!

Travas & Heather said...

Want to trade jobs?...but then trade back in September?

Molly said...

I bet you are going camping with some of the coolest people to ever grace the planet at the start of August.

Missing you already. xo