Tuesday, July 29, 2008

27 Random Comments

1. On another blog on which this one is linked, I noticed I hadn't blogged in over two weeks. Ouch.
2. I bought a new sewing machine. I was sick of wrestling with my grandmother's and decided she'd rather I be sewing often and with ease than using her old machine. I will be attempting to finish my dog bed project this week.
3. We are taking our dogs camping for the first time this week. I am worried it will be a veritable symphony of barking, whining, and growling at every little noise throughout the night. Will they annoy me to a point of not enjoying myself? Stay tuned.
4. Shopping for new clothes is the most fun part of losing weight.
5. I bought said new clothes for my business trip next week. (I like to call it that, because it makes it sound way more professional than teacher training.) Out of 36 people going, I somehow wound up as the only person without a roommate (someone, I think, requested to be alone). Is it weird that this makes me really sad instead of happy? By the by, here is the hotel we're staying at. Hello???? What budget cuts? This IS the hotel where the conference is being held, but sheesh.
6. I should be working out right now, but I am blogging instead.
7. I have been sleeping way later than I should be.
8. Last night we rearranged the furniture in our living room to accommodate the new armoire I bought on craigslist. We are getting rid of our old corner entertainment unit and our big ugly coffee table, if anyone is interested.
9. It's a long way to 27.
10. I have signed up to volunteer with a political organization. I have donated money for a couple of years, but this time, when they called me, I felt compelled to say yes. Do I want to call people and knock on people's doors? No. But I am going to. Because I am sick to death of our current government and I need to do something other than complain and write checks.
11. I have also looked into volunteering at the Veterans' Home, so near my house. I have the coordinator's phone number. I am wary of making a commitment and then regretting it. That is certainly not the volunteer spirit. Maybe in September, when I am back in the swing? I just feel like such a slug.
12. Did you know fences are expensive? We are getting a new fence in our backyard, and the bids we've gotten are WAY more than I expected. I could buy LOTS of new clothes for these prices. Apparently cedar and nails have gone up in price, just like the rest of everything we buy.
13. There are four men in my backyard right now. They are cutting down trees. We have two huge black walnut trees and one ugly pine tree. One of the walnuts (the one threatening to crush our house) and the pine are being taken away. We will miss the shade, but will enjoy both the space and the ability to sit on our patio without a) sap and b) walnuts falling on our heads.
14. I finally read Wicked. Wow. I had no idea how great this book is. I hadn't even heard of it until the musical (of course). Now, the musical is coming back to Minneapolis. I need to go. The book is so much more than just a back story to the Wizard of Oz; it is excellent commentary on politics and love and family and the nature of good and evil. Worth the read. Now I want to read more of Gregory Maguire's books.
15. I also read my first Meg Wolitzer. Her latest, not even on that list, is The Ten-Year Nap. I am bookclubbing about it in less than two weeks, so I won't give a complete rundown, but I have to say: eh.
16. I love chocolate.
17. I miss chocolate.
18. I'm lamely trying to get to 27.
19. I have wonderful friends.
20. I have the best husband in the world.
21. My family loves me.
22. I'm going to paint the living room this week.
23. It will be a subtle stone, with one ostentatious orange accent wall.
24. I'm hoping it will draw out the crown-molding.
25. The weather is very humid, causing me to shy away from the bike ride I had planned. Instead, I will treadmill indoors where it is a cool 76.
26. I shall watch Friends, Season 5 whilst I treadmill.
27. Ta-da! I did it. Why 27? I turned 27 years old on Saturday. It was easier than 26. As long as I still get carded for buying booze (which I do), I'll feel young. And despite my making a stink about getting older, I know that I am still young. Plenty of time to do all the fun things I want to do. Like get highlights, and have lunch with my husband, and get a massage, and go to parties, and get presents, and go bowling (all the things I did to celebrate my birthday). Happy birthday to Anne, whose birthday was yesterday, and to Angie, whose birthday is this Sunday. Kisses.


Molly said...

Hey, I was at a pretty good party on your birthday... :) Happy bday, love. Haven't forgotten.

Molly said...

PS: Also "eh" to 10 yr. nap and yay to Wicked! I want to go see it too. :) AND, I have decided I am finally over my theatre banning, which means I'm over the torture that was my experience at you-know-where's auditorium.

Dave said...

Ah, the Palmer House; NCA was in that hotel. It's pretty cool, just don't waste your money on their overpriced bar!

Angie said...

As to #15, I agree.
As to Wicked, I tried to get tickets as soon as I saw it was coming back but they were sold out.
Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

Fun post!

Angie said...

I'd like to get a sewing machine. Very basic. What kind should I buy or ask for, for X-mas????

I have all of these Winona-based t-shirts that I swore I would make a quilt out of. That, and if we paint our bedroom, I'll need new curtains for our closets. And I'm thinking about venturing into sewing clothes, as a long-term goal... you can't just borrow a sewing machine when you progress as slowly as I do.