Thursday, April 10, 2008


This picture is a fluke of the most fortunate, hilarious kind. Sometime in the not-so-distant past I donated some money to a democratic PAC who came a knockin' on my door. Real nice girl. We talked for awhile. So, anyway, I received an invitation in the mail to participate in their fundraiser "Bowling for Victory" which was being held at our local lanes. We love to bowl, I thought. So, we put together our team of five (me, Pat, brother and sister-in-law Darin and Carol Ann, and brother Brian), and got out our checkbooks and our mad bowling skills for an afternoon of fun. Little did we know, politicos don't have mad bowling skills. And even bowling not as well as we usually do, we frickin' won the thing. It wasn't a tournament, just highest team score wins, but out of fifty teams, we had the highest score. Because it was a fundraiser, there was of course no cash prize, but it sure made us feel pretty cool to put a used bowling pin with a plaque on our shelf. It shall rotate between our three houses.


Jen said...

That is pretty amazing! And also I love your hair in this pic!

Les said...

That is Awesome!