Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wedding so Beautiful; Lund's so Uncomfortable

In lieu of writing a post about Molly's wedding that rivals the post I keyed about my own, I will simply link you to her words, as they are better than mine. I will, however, say a few things that truly express the beauty of the day through my eyes.

1. It was adorable watching Molly "rehearse" her wedding. I say it in this way because she was unable to have a real rehearsal, as her officiate couldn't make it. So, we all stood down by the river at the ceremony site listening to Molly ramble through the program, quickly introducing (having us raise our hands) us to the person with whom we'd walk down the aisle. She made it her own by saying things like "boogie down the aisle" and then "she'll announce our getting hitched". Then, we went up to the Barbados Ballroom (who knew it was so close?) to enjoy a feast.
2. Never again will I get to see Molly sitting patiently as a woman curls every strand of her extremely long and thick hair. Then, later, something I don't need a picture of, as it is in my mind forever: Molly, in sweatshirt and cords, hair done up fancy for the wedding, perched on her couch looking out the window at the rain with a pout on her face. She looked about four years old. Joy then, as the clouds parted right after the bouquets arrived, and she danced around the room. And really, it was just a blessing, because right after the reception began (and we were back indoors after hours of heat) thunder and hail pounded down from above.
3. I cried harder than I have at any wedding, standing in front of people nonetheless, when Molly's dad sang a song he wrote for the occasion. Although it was a beautiful song with personal touches, yet universal meaning, I cried because the relationship Molly has with her dad is so sweet, so affectionate, like mine with my father was. My father was also a musician, and although he more than likely would not have written a song for the occasion of my (or my sister's) wedding, it would've meant the world to me for him to be there. I hope everyone who had the pleasure of having a father to walk them down aisle at their weddings appreciates it.
4. The cake was delicious. (I'm lightening the mood:-).)
5. Molly's friends are very fun, as you may have read in my post about her shower and bachelorette party. Although I am lucky enough to have a husband who loves to dance with me at weddings, it was fun to dance with her friends as well. The storm raging outside only made it more exciting.
6. Molly and Ryan were both so happy, all day, from the moment they saw each other. Witnessing love like theirs makes everything so much sweeter.

It really was a very fun weekend. I'm so lucky to have been a part of it. Oh, and they already sent their thank-you cards. I got mine in the mail today. And I thought I was pretty good by getting them out within the month. Efficiency. Wednesday they head to Alaska for a week on a ship. Enjoy every minute, kids, it goes by quickly.

The second half of this post contains the rest of the weekend. When we got home from the wedding, I laid down for a nice little nap before doing the things I needed to do. Four hours quickly slipped by. When I woke up, it was already 5:30, and I had to go to the gym yet (I have started working with a personal trainer, and I am very committed to going the same three days a week every week to stay consistent). I was going to pick up dinner on my way home from the gym.

Now, there are two grocery stores about equidistant from my home. To the north, a Rainbow foods that is notorious for understaffing, long lines, and crabby people (not to stereotype, but it is on Lake Street). To the southeast, a Lund's that is notorious for being more expensive, of course. Well, the gym is south, so I was already halfway there. Because I was just going to pick up the makings of dinner, I didn't really care about the extra dollar or so it would cost me. But when I got there, I found myself in the mood to grocery shop. This feeling is rare and fleeting, so I jumped at the shot and bought groceries for the next two weeks. I shopped the deals (they had some really good two-for-ones) and just didn't find myself caring too much that it would cost a little extra. When I got to the checkout and didn't have to wait even a minute, I knew it was worth it, considering the checkout line is usually the longest part of a trip to Rainbow. What I had forgotten, however, because I have ever only bought a few items at Lund's, was that they don't let you take carts to the parking lot. They offer "complimentary carry out service", meaning a nice young man loads up your groceries into a special little cart, then follows you to your car and then loads them into your car. How nice, right? Except, that it wasn't nice; it was weird. I felt like I should talk to him during the walk to the car (which was long, as I'm trying to be better to myself by taking a far away spot at shops), help unload the groceries into the car ("Sokay, sokay" he said as I tried to help), or at least give him a tip (not allowed).

It's such a nice service, yet it really was just weird. Ultimately, I decided I should be happy with the fact that my new comfort in the lower middle class hasn't ruined my sensibilities. And that I probably would never shop at Lund's again. At least not for more than I can carry.


Anonymous said...

I, however, love having my bags taken out. Granted it has happened twice....But, your extra 5 dollars per shopping trip is giving one more worker an income. Cheers-

Angie said...

Have you checked your vehicle for hail damage? I know of 2 so far that have about $2000 worth of dents.

Chadley said...

Great use of the word "equidistant." :)

Speaking of weddings, I have a gift for yours! I'm afraid this summer I've rather done something a few other people I know did...that is, wait to get their financial feet underneath them before sending a gift to them. I hope you understand the plight of this grad student...my prayers have been your only gift so far. Time to get you a slow-cooker.*

* Gift is not slow-cooker.

KeLL said...

I have the picture of Molly staring out the window!
I only go to Lunds or Byerly's if I'm picking up a few things. I also feel awkward having them bring my groceries to my car. I feel lazy. =)

Angie said...

I took the picture of Kelly and Molly staring out the window (with Kelly's camera)!

Suzanne said...

As someone who worked as a carry out clerk back in the day, this should not weird you out of the Lund's experience. We preferred not being talked to, because we have to get to the next part of our job. It was easy, fun, and the work moved fast. I have been to your Rainbow and it is a miserable experience. Go back and reread what you wrote about your Lund's trip. Also remember one of the reasons prices are higher at Lund's is because you are paying for the carry out service, so you should use it. At least until your Super Target opens.