Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mrs. Teacher

Getting married has been the best thing ever. I love my husband, I love the security I feel in his love when I look into his eyes, and I love my new name. It's amazing, however, how much hassle this new name has caused me. Changing my ID's, my CC's, and numerous other accounts over the summer is one thing, but I didn't anticipate the school year well enough. I thought, "I'll go to the district office, do the paperwork (which turned out to be 8 separate forms...), and that will be that."

Yeah, right. I had forgotten my affinity for putting my name on absolutely everything I do. I put a heading on all of my assignments which includes the class name, my name, and the assignment name. Before I print and copy anything, I must go over it with a keen eye, making sure I don't print it with my old name. (Old name, former name, maiden name, I experiment with each of these terms, rolling them around in my mouth like different tastes: bitter, sour, sweet.) Changing signs in my classroom, changing registrations in software I use. Introducing myself to new staff members with my new name. (A term with which I am at ease.)

It's easier, I think, because I really do enjoy my name. I love attention, which you know if you've ever spent a tick of time with me. And when people hear my married name, they inevitably say, "Really? Like 'your royal'?" To which I respond, "Yes, but spelled differently." It is received with many a smile and often an additional witty comment. I love the attention it brings. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, as my in-laws assure me it will.

But still, when I email people, they don't know who I am now. I have to tell them. I have to re-establish myself. This will only get worse when the speech season starts. And I have a new mailbox. Not that this is a huge transition, but it's just another one of the things that is different. I've jumped fifteen letters in the alphabet, and I have to remember that when I look at lists.

Small adjustments that accompany one large one.

(Ironically, I am posting more frequently now that I've threatened myself and my readers that I would stumble slowly off the blogging mountain. We'll see if it lasts :-))

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Heather Said:

After three years, you can begin to throw mail out w/o opening it because it will be you maiden name...I love that!

I once left a voice mail for a client and work and accidently said my maiden name...after being married two years.