Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Note to self

Self, you can NOT run around Lake Nokomis when it is 90 degrees.

P.S. You should listen to your husband who said, "Be careful. Don't push yourself."


EWH said...

For the record, (you know, for all of you out there keeping track), walking more than half the way took 10 Weezer songs, which again, when added up on iTunes at home, took about 37 minutes. This is not a huge difference. This proves I run incredibly slowly. Or walk very quickly. The world may never know.

Travas and Heather said...

90+ is hot for all runners! 6-8 am is the best time to run in the summer...or at night, which I love but Trav gets paranoid.

Molly said...

Actually, not to freak anyone out more, but we get the most campus alerts about assaults or attempted assaults for runners early in the am. How much does that suck?

You are a rock star, Emily. Don't overdo it, no, but enjoy it too.


Angie said...

The few times I have run for short spurts (I haven't done 2 miles since high school), the timing is almost identical to how I would have walked it. I realize I can walk fast, but I know what you mean. It's a huge disappointment when you walk and run about the same speed.

Does that mean that I never have to take up running?!??!

Les said...

This is weird,I know. I had a dream last night (most likely brought on by reading these posts) about you running. I don't remember too many details but I remember that you were this hard core runner and I was trying to keep up and you were like "run! run! run!" and I was like "no! I can't!" and you were like "you have to!" or something along those lines. I think maybe we were running from something. Any dream analyzers out there?