Thursday, January 3, 2008

I am not gone

I am just lazy. Ironic that while I was feverishly working on my paper in October, I posted 10 times. In December, after finishing my paper and my degree, I only posted 3 times. Perhaps I am more eager for escape when overloaded with worry and work. I have had more than enough time in the last two weeks to blog as much as I wanted. Apparently, sleeping until 11 and watching movies and doing puzzles and playing Wii and celebrating the holidays (all with my husband, who also took the last 2 weeks off) took precedence over journaling my daily thoughts.

In a fury of "Best of 2007" posts throughout the blog world, I have only one thing to say right now: 2007 was without a doubt the best year of my life. I'm hoping they will only get better. Because I love lists and reminiscing both, I will do a cumulative review of my year. Just not now. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe in April like another dear blogger did in 2006. Just not now.

Happy New Year. Happy Belated Christmas. Merry Belated Hanukkah. I hope you enjoyed the Festivus.


Molly said...


And I want to throw up.

Apparently there might be a position for me next year, here at Local High School.

Anonymous said...

Heather said-

I look for your posts about every other is my distraction too.