Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Master Me

A happy dance. A little kick, a little wiggle, and some jazz hands. I may have yelled “last class EVER!” more than once. Perhaps I cranked the tunes and did a little head-banging on the drive home. A glass of pinot grigio with my husband before bed. Treats for my class; a thank-you gift for my advisor; a party on Saturday.

Ahhhhhhh, celebration.

I told my students I may very well be a more pleasant person from now on (not that I’m horrid currently). I think this idea will transfer to all areas of my life, however, as I have been in graduate school now for over four years. Nine semesters. I have been in school for my entire teaching career. I have been in school during my entire relationship with my husband (which also reached a milestone yesterday: three years since our first date). I could possibly be a new person with less stress and more time. I wonder what that will look like…

See you Saturday, friends. Thanks for your support. You can call me Master.


Anonymous said...

Heather said:

Congrats- you should be proud of yourself! And I bet your time will fill up fast, I doubt you will be board for more than a day.

Jen said...

I am so stinkin' proud of you! I'm REALLY sad I won't be there for the party, but I WILL be there in a little over a week! I'm exicted to celebrate with you!! How do you feel about opening your wedding present and graduation present on the same day?!?! See ya soon! I LOVE YA!!!

Molly said...

I'll bow down to you, master. :)