Monday, July 23, 2007

Gone, but still no Peace

Today, this morning, our last houseguest finally left. My house is back. The only remaining person in this house who is not my husband, is our darling niece who lives with us, and she usually stays quietly in her room, bothering no one. It has been my goal to clean my house, and reclaim it as my own as soon as the suitcases had vacated my living room. But alas, I can't clean, I'm not perfectly at peace, because I am sick. Sick! I haven't been sick since I had my tonsils out in March, and it feels like it's all coming on at once.

I've convinced myself that it is my stress from the last three months boiling out of me at last. Now that I have finished the school year, planned a wedding, had a wedding, enjoyed a mostly relaxing honeymoon, and hosted houseguests for longer than I would have liked, my body is reacting. I am stuck in bed, with nothing to do but read, watch tv, and blog, which sounds great, but I really want to clean. This is rare. I am compelled to have a clean house, but when I went upstairs to get something to eat, I almost fainted. I don't like being this weak. It feels like a waste. Summer is only so long, and every day that goes by without something fun or productive happening is a squandered day. Right now, it is twenty to four and all I've done is slept, eaten scrambled eggs (a reliable, easily swallowed sick food), and watched season seven of Friends. What a waste! When I look back at July 23, 2007, I will have nothing to show for it but this blog. Grrr.

I'm just whining now. When I started this over an hour ago (I'm obviously still watching Friends), I really believe I had something better to say. Oh, well. Boredom takes hold.

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AK said...

Oh, Em - I'm sorry to hear that you are sick and hope you will be fully recovered in time for your birthday. Take care! ~ Anne