Monday, June 11, 2007

For Molly

Asked nicely or commanded I'm not quite sure, but alas, here is my new blog. Posting daily is a pipedream, but I will try to be consistent.


The first day of summer vacation lacks the splendor of youth. Or even of last summer. I fear this means I'm growing up; or getting older at the very least. Sitting, wondering what's to be done with this day is not the same as sleeping until noon and eating breakfast while watching the Bold and the Beautiful. (My goal is to not get caught up in soap operas this summer. I'm a hopeless addict, but only when available.)

So, to fill the void of time, today I will drive to my hometown and order a cake to serve 150 guests. One of the last things on a long list of planning the "biggest day of my life". Last night I uttered words I think I actually meant: I wish we would have eloped. I have always dreamed of a big, traditional, sappy wedding. This is basically what I have planned. Now, amidst the fervor of only 18 days to go, it is too late to change my mind. The day will be perfect; my marriage will be bliss; but the drama others cause make us roll our eyes and wish for a flight out of here with a JOP. In the last five days, we have had four instances of our loved ones making our day about them. My beloved and I are strong in our commitment and relaxed in our sense of humor, so we are able to say "no", and then laugh about said loved ones behind their backs. "No" to the changes, "no" to the other plans, "no" to selfish people who fail to see the bigger picture. It's about US, people!!!!! I might start uninviting people if this keeps up...

(If I knew how to post a picture, I might put one here of me tearing my hair out.)

Hmmm. What else is on my mind? This blogging is tricky business. No one (especially my one reader...) wants to know what I had for breakfast (Fruit and Yogurt Special K), but get too detailed and you become revealing, or worse, boring. In homage to the URL I chose for this blog, I will try to record memories, goals, thoughts that might be worth reading sometime in my future.

Here's a lofty goal I stole from a friend: lose 50 pounds by next spring, for a very specific reason. My friend is aiming for 100, because she wants to be a mommy. This is a very practical reason to lose weight: healthier baby. So, as it will take about 50 for me to be "healthy", I will shoot for this before "pulling the goalie", as my fiance's friends prefer to call it.

A little less talk, a little more action, baby. To the hometown I go.

(Happy, Sylvia?)

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Molly said...

:) Happy dance. I'm shocked I have such influence.

Posting pictures: little blue button next to spell check, almost at the end, and this will add images from where ever on your computer.

Changing your sidebar: go to template, which should bring you right to page elements, and you can click on "add a page element," which allows you to add all kinds of fun stuff, from code to simple text.

Sylvia. (ha)